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Although the eye sensitivity varies between day and night, lighting standards are still based on photopic (daylight) standards.


For these situations Innolumis introduced the photopic concept. The photopic light sources have got a high lm/w ratio and are available in three different colors. Especially in urban areas the Innolumis photopic solution is the best solution available. 

Three photopic light colors

Innolumis photopic LED lighting is available in three different colors; 730 (3000K), 740 (4000K) and 750 (5000K). The Color Rendering Index of the photopic light sources is excellent which leads to a better color recognition compared to the standard HPS lamps.


This warm white light color has a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin. This light color is particularly suitable for residential areas as a replacement for PL-lighting and where a warm color is required.


The 740 opts for a neutral white color of 4000 Kelvin, which has a slightly cooler appearance than the 730. This color is very suitable as a replacement for the PL-lighting and is used in residential areas and main roads where one chooses a fresher color white.


The most cool variant within the photopic light color range of Innolumis. This 5000 Kelvin light color is suitable for areas where lighting efficiency is the starting point, like industry, industrial areas and main roads.

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