Nicole family

The Nicole luminaire is the most successful Innolumis retrofit product. Since the launch in 2012, many projects from car parks to roadways have been lit by this luminaire. This luminaire comes in capacities of 10 to 75 Watt and in all available Innolumis light spectra. The Nicole is suitable for poles with a height from 6 to 10 meters and can be perfectly used for residential streets, car parks and roadways.


The Mini Nicole is a retrofit luminaire suitable for poles with a height up to 6 meters and is available in capacities of 10, 16 and 24 Watt. Design and technology are similar to the Nicole. The Mini Nicole is the ideal solution for lighting along pedestrian and bicycle paths, residential areas and parking lots.


The Maxi Nicole is the latest model in the Nicole family. This luminaire completes the Nicole family and speaks the same design language. The Maxi Nicole is available from 90 to 170 Watt and can be used at poles with a height from 10 up to 18 meters and is perfectly suited for roadways and highways.

Connect and aim

All luminaires, the Mini Nicole, Nicole as well as the Maxi Nicole, fit all lampposts, eliminating the need to replace existing ones. This is not only simple and convenient but also fits with our goal of sustainability and re-use of materials. The luminaire can be tilted in 5-degree increments and is made easy by the cogged coupling with the mast piece. By using an 'anti-fouling' powder coating, dirt built-up is prevented as much as possible.

Driver compartments

The driver compartment is easy to open and has got an IP67 rating. A rubber gasket keeps moisture and dust from entering the compartment. A special plug is used to make sure that the light source compartment is not accessible, so it is completely separate from the driver compartment. The LEDs are connected through a special Unicable® M12 plug.

The dimmable Mean Well®-driver is IP67, cast in resin and SELV-Galvanically separated. The driver is exchangeable. There is also enough space to add a dimmer or a surge protection device. The Mini Nicole features one compartment for both the driver and the light sources.

The light source compartments

Because LEDs are highly sensitive to dust and moisture, the light source compartment (the part containing the optics and the light sources) is IP67 and therefore completely dust- and moisture-free. There is no open connection between the driver compartment and the light source compartment. If the driver compartment is opened, for instance in order to place a dimmer, the LEDs are not exposed to dust or moisture.

LED light sources

Innolumis develops and produces its LED light sources in the Netherlands. The light sources make use of high quality LEDs. They have a high efficiency and long lifespan. Temperature management is crucial in terms of the lifetime of LED lights. The LED light sources are in direct contact with the entire luminaire and are never burning on their maximum but on their optimum. This way the LEDs are optimally cooled and a long lifespan is guaranteed. 

Use of reflector technology

Thanks to the reflector technology in the Mini Nicole, Nicole and Maxi Nicole, the luminaire gives a combination of direct and indirect lighting. This leads to a superb light distribution and hardly any glare (G6).

Constant Lumen Output (CLO)

The Mean Well®-driver has a standard CLO. This driver ensures that the LEDs always receive the same quality of electricity, regardless of the delivered voltage and possible aging of the LEDs. This way, the light sources provide the same amount of light during their entire lifespan.

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