Our designer was commissioned to design a new modern luminaire that meets all contemporary requirements, meets the high quality you expect from us and also fits with the range of Innolumis luminaire. And with the Victoria as a result!

The Victoria will be released in three variants, the Mini Victoria, the Victoria and the Maxi Victoria and will be available from 6 to 200 Watt. The Victoria can be opened without tools and as soon as it is open, thanks to the circuit breaker inside the luminaire, it is immediately safe to work with. If necessary, both the LED light sources and the driver can easily be replaced without tools.

All three variants are equipped with very efficient light sources and this in combination with the best lenses available creates a light quality of the highest level. In addition, the luminaires are available with various lens types so you have a solution for every road type.

The design of the Victoria takes into account the possibilities to add various SMART solutions. The Victoria comes even standard with Zhaga connectors, both above and below. This makes the Victoria luminaire future proof and therefor with this fixture you are ready for future developments.

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