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Due to our knowledge and experience in creating various light colors and in combination with our reflectors which act as mixing chambers, we can also offer solutions for special purposes upon request. Various (semi-) government institutions and market parties are contacting us with the request to make a light source based upon a predefined spectrum.


This has led to the following spectra solutions for the public space:


The Golden Orange is made out of red, green and amber colored LEDs. This simulates a light color that closely matches the light color of sodium lighting (SOX and SON-T), but with an excellent color recognition (RA>80). Can be applied in places where the warm sodium color in the cityscape is to be maintained or where white light is not desired, such as in winter sports resorts where street lighting is necessary.


This monochromatic light color has been developed for areas where street lighting is desired but where bat populations should be disturbed as little as possible. Research has shown that many bat species do not experience this amber light as such and are therefore minimally disturbed in their natural living behavior.


The BIRD-lamp gives a blue-greenish color light but still ensures good color recognition. The red-arm spectrum has a maximum of 7% red and ensures that migratory birds are disturbed as little as possible by public lighting. This light color is installed for the first time on the north coast of the Netherlands.

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