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About Innolumis

Innolumis is known for its innovative products. We integrate knowledge of visual perception with the latest LED and lighting technologies - a Dutch invention which has brought about a breakthrough in sustainable public lighting. We are specialists in optimizing the light spectrum for the human eye and our luminaire focus the light where you want it, with no waste and with no light pollution. Our products are designed in the Netherlands and continuously tested in our in-house laboratory, which has the availability of the most exclusive measurement equipment.

Our lighting systems offer a considerable contribution to sustainability, energy conservation and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Wasteful public lighting is history once and for all. Innolumis LED lighting is applied in residential neighborhoods, alongside roads, in parks and in parking lots. In short, anywhere where public space is used in the dark. Our lighting creates a unique atmosphere in nature and rural areas where light pollution needs to be reduced to a minimum. 


Innolumis strives for an accelerated transition from conventional lighting to a sustainable and high-quality alternative, based on LEDs. As a company, we wish to be a symbol of the transition to more sustainable and suitable lighting systems world-wide.

Innolumis is member of:

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